A singing rock-cellist? An e-guitar solo on a saxophone? Welcome aboard the Raphy & Adry flight!

The journey began seven years ago in Berlin when the two brothers started playing rock next to their classical instrumental studies. Their philosophy? Mix all the styles of music they love to make it their own. Step after step and with a never ending fuel they play all imaginable venues with their own Metal, Funky and Irish influenced Rock songs with only one goal in mind : MAKE YOU HAVE THE BEST TIME EVER !

Before you even know it you’re singing rock anthems, dancing square dance or jumping on berlin techno beats. From the first second until the last one Raphy & Adry pulls you from one place to another without leaving you the time to gasp for air. Their contagious energy, their virtuosity and their exceptional stage presence make you board on a crazy flight which you can’t leave until you land in the best mood ever shouting for more.


Foto: Peter-Paul Weiler, berlin-event-foto.de


Foto: Peter-Paul Weiler, berlin-event-foto.de