Biographie en Français: Raphy&Adry Bio Française

Biographie auf Deutsch: Raphy&Adry Deutsche Bio

Raphy&Adry is a crossover duo. Although the two brothers are classically-trained, they cross the Line with a mix of Rock, Pop & Funk. The smartly provocative versatile artists increase their musical expressivity by playing several instruments. Their own written music and their strong stage presence and energy are one of a kind.

The Berlin-based duo is supported by the scholarship Yehudi Mehuhin Live Music Now Berlin E.V. and has already performed live more than a hundred times in venues like the Berliner Philharmonie, the Rock Club SO36 or the Columbia Theater Berlin. In April 2018 they released their first CD „The Seven Times Down E.P.“. Live or in the Studio Raphy&Adry are accompanied by the drummer Alisa Maliseva. Adry plays a Forestone Japan Saxophone.

At the age of ten, Raphael Liebermann switched from the violin to the violoncello. He received his first Cello Lessons from Elke Mentges and then Fritz Zumkley. During his study preparations he had five years of vocal and piano lessons and learned the Guitar as an autodidact. After the school graduation, Raphael studied Musicology and History of Art at the Humboldt University in Berlin and parallely Violoncello lessons with Prof. Kristin Von der Goltz, Prof. Markus Nyikos and Prof. Damien Ventula. After the HU Bachelor graduation, he entered  the Violoncello class of Prof. Markus Nyikos at the Universität der Künste Berlin, where he studies  now in the class of Prof. Christian Höppner. With the Crossover-Duo Raphy&Adry, that Raphael started with his brother Adrien in 2013, he holds a scholarship from the Yehudi Menuhin Live Music Now Berlin e.V. Raphy&Adry have already performed live more than a hundred times. In March 2018, Raphy&Adry released their debut CD of self-written songs “The Seven Times Down E.P.”

Adrien Liebermann comes from a musician family and began with piano lessons before he started to play the saxophone with 12 years.  He first had lessons with Lea Aimée Sophie Tullenaar and then entered the saxophone class of Johannes Ernst as a young student in the “Julius-Stern-Institut” of the Universität der Künste. Adrien is now student at the Hochschule für Musik “Hanns Eisler” in Berlin in the class of Johannes Ernst. 

Three times Adrien went to Brasil to play there as a Soloist, in an Orchestra or in Jazz Projects. He won the 1st Price of the classical Saxophone competition 2013 in Lübeck  and 2015 the 1st Price at the German competition “Jugend Musiziert” in Hamburg. Since 2016 he obtains a scholarship of the Yehudi Menuhi Live Music Now Berlin e.V. and played in renowned places as the Berlin Philharmonie with the Hohenfels Orchester and also with his brother Raphael as a Crossover Duo. The saxophonist tries with his duo with Ben Seegatz (Piano) and as a Member of a saxophone quartett to bring classical saxophone music closer to people. Adrien had masterclasses with famous classical saxophonists as Jean-Marie Londeix, Claude Delangle, Vincent David, Arno Bronkamp and a lot more. 

Next to the classic, Adrien plays also Jazz and had lessons with Prof. Maria Baptist,  Prof. Peter Weniger of the Jazz Institute Berlin, Richard de Rosa and is a member of the Berlin Jazz Composers Orchestra.

Alisa Maliseva is a tour and studio drummer living in Berlin, Germany, experienced in Pop, Rock, Funk, and Fusion music. Besides her jazz drummer studies, she’s been playing professionally since the age of 16. Alisa Maliseva has collaborated with artists around the world and toured with different pop, rock and fusion bands in Europe, US and Asia.

Alisa plays Tama drums, Vic firth Sticks, Remo Drum heads and a huge variety of different cymbals, depending on the required sound by the artist or band. Besides acoustic drums and percussions, Alisa plays electronic pads ‚SPD SX‘ , Yamaha and Roland electronic drums using modern electronic sounds, created for the particular band in Music DAWs like Ableton, Pro Tools in order to express their individual sound. Her vast experience in electronic music production allows her to create a variety of high quality samples what she uses live and in studio. In 2015 a special electronic drumset was created for her live drumming with DJ and various TV shows.